Meet Rachelle Cholak

       Before getting into the sales aspect of Real Estate, Rachelle learned a lot about the industry while assisting her father Norm Cholak with his successful 35+ year Real Estate business. Averaging over 80 transactions a year while learning from her father and studying to become a Real Estate Agent, Rachelle gained plenty of inside knowledge and experience. 

     Rachelle finished her Real Estate licensing in early 2017, and became an agent later that April. She completed her first 2 sales within a month of being licensed and has kept going from there. Now, she is an individual agent with RE/MAX River City and has won numerous awards including the 100% Club in 2021. 

      Real Estate is a passion of Rachelle's. She truly puts her best foot forward with every client and provides top-notch service. Motivation, discipline, and compassion play a big part when it comes to Rachelle's business. She believes in providing personal 24/7 service 365 days a year with every client. When you work with Rachelle you get access to her personal phone number, exposure on numerous social media platforms, expert advice, introductions to other experts, and much more. 

     Selling your home is more than a 9-5 job, and it should be taken seriously. The Real Estate Agent you choose can make a huge difference in the Money thats left in your pocket at the end of the day. You want someone who is going to work with you, and make your property stand out. 

     Buying a home is just as important. Your Real Estate agent is there to offer you advice, and knowledge about the home you are buying. We do more than open the door, and fill out the paperwork. Rachelle was born and raised in Edmonton. Community knowledge is one of her specialities. She has first hand experience from sitting in many inspections, and viewing 100's of homes for what to look out for when selling you a home. 

       Rachelle has worked with all types of properties over the years. She specializes in Residential Real Estate and works with everything from character homes, brand new builds, and luxury properties $900,000+. 

      She would be happy to sit down and have a conversation with you about your Real Estate goals. Whether your planning on selling your existing home, looking to buy a new home, or invest in a few properties.